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What does CloudyPOS do???

Track Sales
Manage Inventory

Track your daily sales 

Have knowledge of your sales anytime it happens by monitoring it from the comfort of your home, your desk at the office or on your tablet in a meeting or conference somewhere. Get real time access to sales and use that that to make instant business decisions without having to call or visit your shop or place of business.

Take control of your

Leave nothing to chance by relying on sales personnel, supervisors or managers to update you on your inventory. Stop the practice of always taking stock to be sure of not running out of a particular product or item. Monitor your own inventory and place orders on time to prevent shortages. Have accurate reports on your stock by  accessing this on your own.

Do business with All

Issue physical print out receipts or electronic receipts to customers. Do business with everybody by helping them account for their purchases from   you. Change the narrative to increase your customer base and provide your premium products or services to a wider host of people. 

Be part of the Future

Change the face of your business, grow it to an exponential heights by analyzing Sales Reports generated by CloudyPOS. Have real bases for increasing  your work force, increasing or decreasing the rate of stocking a particular product or service and know when to increase or decrease supervision to improve your efficiency based on reliable data generated from your own business. Be part of the ever changing DATA driven world to shape your business and keep it running for generations. 



Run your food joint, Pubs, restaurant, canteen, chop bar, coffee or tea shop or juice bar with Cloudy POS. Track all your sales at one point and use report to grow your business.

Fashion & Apparel

Sell more of what your customers love and learn how to drive growth with clear real time reporting. Know the brands that sells fast and go for them more.


Health & Beauty

Sell more of what your customers love and learn how to drive growth with clear real time reporting. Run your health products and Spa along side your beauty lines seamlessly.

Sports & Outdoors

Use Cloudy POS to run your event centers, sell your sports kits and more.



Take off days while you monitor sales from the comfort of your home because your business runs on Cloudy POS


What is your business type? Are you doing sales or managing an Inventory system that can be tracked and reports generated? Then Cloudy POS can be of HELP.

Cloudy POS Platform
Powering the SME sector and more.

Easy-to-use application that can scale with your business
Cloud-based reports accessible in real-time
Hardwired terminals and offline mode so nothing slows you down
Receipt issuing for ease of transaction and confidence
Simple, flat rate payment processing for all transactions
Tableside ordering and payments, with digital receipts, to grow your
customer list

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